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Dress helps you to retain air of distinction in a party or gathering. You can eat to please yourself. But you have to please others by dress. You may be great orator.

Yet if you do not dress properly people will laugh you than to admire at your eloquence. For that reason, one should not be the first for fashion nor the last. But one should use comfortable, cheap and tasteful dress.

You should know that one should observe the day when a new thing is used for the first time. One can buy on any day but choice of day to use it along should be strictly observed.

If one puts on a new cloth when moon is in Aswini one will have the fortune to get more and more dress.

If moon is in Bharani one use a new cloth then it will be stolen,

If it is in kritika there is danger from fire.

Rohani improves the bank position.

Moon in Mrigasirisha threatens that the dress will be spoiled by rats.

Arudra lose money.

Panarvashu no trouble in life.

Pushyam star promises wealth

Aslesha will destroy the cloth.

Magha threaten danger to life.

Poorvaphalguni trouble from Government.

Uttaraphalguni increase income and offer good health.

Hasta gives success.

Chitra shows that one will have more and more new clothes.

Swathi is good for rich food.

Visakha increase popularity.

Anuradha is for good friendship and social success.

Jyestha shows loss.

Mool loss of dress in water through dhoby.

Poorvashada health lost.

Uttarashada sumptuous feast.

Sravanam eye disease.

Dhanistha good yield from field.

Satbhisha danger from poison.

Poorvabhadrapada dager through warer.

Uttarbhadrapada shows Child birth. ( Those who have no children make it to use new cloth)

Revathi star becomes rich, purchases Gems.

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