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Kathmandu:- Today people of India Nepal, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America can watch partial lunar eclipse . Here are the effect of this lunar eclipse over your zodiac sings. 

Aries:- Your progress at work slows down. You work very hard, but due to some issues, your reputation suffers. You might develop some disagreement or dispute with father too during this period.

Taurus:- Some depression and stress prevails. You might face some unnecessary fears and anxiety too. The feeling of loneliness keeps you troubled. 

Gemini:-  Love and romance increase in life. You enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with spouse. Income also shoots up in this time. Your social life improves too and the number of friends of opposite gender increase. 

Cancer:- You remain happy and at peace in your domestic life. However, some involvement with opposite sex could get you into trouble too. While health remains stable, expenditure trends may fluctuate.

Leo:-  Your performance at work may not meet expectations during this time, which could affect your reputation. Some stomach related problems such as indigestion or mental stress persist as well.

Virgo:- Some relatives, especially from maternal side may cause you trouble. Health may also dip due to indigestion or chest related problems. 

Libra:-  It Gives you courage to topple enemies. You tend to remain happy and satisfied during this period. Friends, relatives and siblings support you throughout. 

Scorpio:- A sense of frustration pervades your thoughts. Some eye related problems also crop up. You may also face some financial hiccups too. This is not the best time to travel either. 

Sagittarius:-  Some tensions, headache and eye related problems persist during this period. Expenditure also increases during this period so you should try to keep a balance. 

Capricorn:- it makes vulnerable to stress and health issues.  Some depression and stress prevails. You might face some unnecessary fears and anxiety too. 

Aquarius:- You get a new energy and courage to bring down enemies and achieve success in your accomplishments. Women contribute a lot to your success during this time. 

Pisces:-  Your feel very energetic and blessed. Family and friends also render full support. You may also get some recognition from government during this time.