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According to Hindu Astrology, Combustion of Jupiter and Venus planet is very significant event and Every year, for few days  planets are not visible in the sky as they become very close to the Sun. These days are known as Asta or Lope.

According to Nepalese Government Calendar, Which is based on Surya Siddhanta, Planet Jupiter Asta Starts on 15th December, 2:57 Am at Western Direction from Kathmandu Sky and Will End at eastern direction from Kathmandu sky on 10 January 20202:02 Am.

During Jupiter asta Period, Auspicious rituals like, Engagement, Marriage, conceiving new baby, Bhumi puja, Griha Pravesh, Deva Pratishta, Pligrimage, Upanayan, Starting New business, Constructing New house, Starting New Shop or Offices Should be Avoided.

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