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Astrology of Donald Trump's Presidency.

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Kathmandu: Donald Trump the 45th US President is taking an oath today at Noon. According to Vedic Astrology he will be taking an oath on Rahu Kaal which is supremely inauspicious as per Muhurta Jyotish as well as Nawami is also the Rikta Tithi on the other hand moon is in Nidhan Mansion which is also very negative to his overall performance, his work will be criticised. The negative planetary combination indicates that Donald Trump will have many more challenges and threats than opportunity. Again as per Chinese astrology today is inauspicious because there is the encounter of earth and wind which brings incompatibility. But the rising sign of oath is Taurus the fixed sign and the placement of Sun in the 10th house indicates that United States of America will be the Greatest than before in his presidency. The relationship between America and Asia will be harmonious but after August 2017 the relationship with Russia will be conflicting. By calculation all these Personally President Donald Trump could suffer by all these negativeness . But His dream Make America Great Again will be Successful.